Elafiti & 3 Islands Private Boat Trip from Dubrovnik

Treat yourself to a unique private half-day tour.

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402 €

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Elafiti & 3 Islands Private Boat Trip

Treat yourself to a unique private half-day tour of the Elafiti and 3 other islands.

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402 € per boat

Weekly schedule:

Every day


5 hours 15 minutes

Morning departure:

Morning return:

Morning departure:8:30 o’clock / 8:30am

Morning return:13:45 o’clock / 1:45pm

Afternoon departure:

Afternoon return:

Afternoon departure:14:30 o’clock / 2:30pm

Afternoon return:19:45 o’clock / 7:45pm

Meeting point:

Meeting point: Marina Frapa Dubrovnik

Lapadska obala 21 a, 20 000 Dubrovnik

People per boat:

People per boat:12 max



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Departure: Meeting point Marina Frapa Dubrovnik main entrance

Morning departure: 8:30 o’clock / 8:30am
Afternoon departure: 14:30 o’clock / 2:30pm

Enjoy the most popular half-day trip from Dubrovnik and discover hidden and peaceful islands nearby. You can choose from a morning or afternoon departure time, whichever suits you and your stay best in Dubrovnik.
Begin your day by meeting our staff 15 minutes prior to departure at the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik.Meet with our staff in the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik 15 minutes prior to departure.

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Šipan island

1 hour

Our first stop, Šipan Island, is the largest of the Elafiti Islands and a beautiful opportunity to have an authentic Mediterranean experience. With more olive trees than inhabitants, a ratio that landed the island in the Guinness Book of Records, and beautiful valleys full of local produce such as fig trees, vineyards and citrus trees, Šipan is a wonderful example of Dalmatian heritage and nature.Take a walk to the beach for try the local cuisine at a restaurant, just enjoy and immerse yourself in the laid-back spirit of the island.

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Šunj beach (Lopud island)

1,5 hours

The beautiful coastline of Lopud Island lures us to our next stop. We will visit the south side of the island to stop at the famous Šunj beach. A rare sandy beach, with a shallow sea for 100 meters from the shore, Šunj beach is suitable for all ages and abilities. Enjoy your time here with beautiful sea to swim and snorkel in, relax on the sandy shore or take shelter from the sun in the dense pine forest.

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Blue cave (Koločep island)

1,5 hours

At our last stop of the day Koločep, a car-free and peaceful island, the wonders of the Blue Cave await you! Here an experienced member of the crew will take you on a dive and tour of the cave where you can swim in the beautiful indigo water for an unforgettable experience.

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Return: Meeting point Marina Frapa Dubrovnik

Morning return: 13:45 o’clock / 1:45pm
Afternoon return: 19:45 o’clock / 7:45pm

As we head back to our starting location, take in a stunning panoramic view of the Dubrovnik city walls. You will disembark at the starting point, Marina Frapa Dubrovnik.


Be prepared and have more fun!

What’s included:

    • Boat ride
    • Skipper
    • Safety gear
    • Insurance

    What to bring:

      • Bathing suit
      • Towel
      • Sunglasses
      • Sunscreen
      • Hat
      • Change of clothes
      • Camera

      Elafiti & 3 Islands Private Boat Trip Map

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