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15 €

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City bike

Explore the City of Split by City Bike

Price starting from:

15 €

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Rent a City Bike

Make the most out of your time and explore the city of Split by bike!

Split is a great city to explore by bike

Avoid the traffic and busy parking areas as you make your way around Split with ease. Feel the breeze in your hair while you cycle around car-free areas like Marjan forest park, taking in the breathtaking views or even enjoying a cool-off in the crystal-clear waters. Hop on your bike to take a coastal ride along the promenade of the south coast of Split where one of the many beach bars will offer a refreshing drink and a beautiful view.



4 hrs Rent a bike

11 EUR / 80,00 HRK

6 hrs Rent a bike

14 EUR / 100,00 HRK

24 hrs Rent a bike

19 EUR / 140,00 HRK

1 hour additional

3 EUR / 20,00 HRK per hour

If you want to keep your bike overnight, you have two options:
  • Keep the bike with you, and ensure you have a safe place inside to store the bike. A safety deposit is needed for this option at the amount of 200 EUR-1500 kn per bike
  • Bring the bike to Toto Travel agency to store overnight for you, simply drop it off before closing hour and pick it up in the morning, no safety deposit needed.

What’s included:

    • Bike
    • Helmets
    • Bike locks

    Tour Map

    Swimming Beach Split

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